The Builder

The Builder


Lisa Ellis Hahn

I began my career in Chicago after a bad experience with a guitar repair guy. My first thought was, "I can do this better". After devouring a couple of books, I found an apprenticeship and realized that rather than repairs, designing and building instruments was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Three years later, I moved to NYC and got the chance to work at the best guitar shop in the city. That not only taught me how much I had to learn but also alowed me to grow from a "made by hand" builder to  a professional. 

Over the course of the past 16 years, I've built hundreds of instruments. I've learned something from each one. Whether it was about wood combinations, electronics, construction techniques and design, or geometry and balance. The goal is always to create an instrument that echoes back the inspiration put into it. 

My designs are purely what speaks to me, what feels right and what I've learned along the way. My focus is on comfort and playability while creating something that is at once visually familiar and uniquely different. Just as there is no shortcut to years of practice, there is no shortcuts in any instrument that I build.